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Senate Republicans to the Far Right of Rick Santorum on Minimum Wage

May 5, 2014

Almost ¾ of Americans support raising the minimum wage. Despite that, 42 Senate Republicans voted against even debating an increase in the minimum wage. Even conservative former Senator Rick Santorum thinks it's time to raise the wage.  It's time for Senate Republicans to walk away from the Koch Brothers' radical agenda and work with Democrats to give millions of Americans the raise they deserve.

Former Senator and Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum (R-PA): GOP Position on Minimum Wage "Makes No Sense":

SANTORUM: "Well, this is one they don't get. If the Republicans want to say that we are against minimum wage, then go out to make the argument to the American public, and the 80% of the public who believes we should have a minimum wage, but they are making an argument of why we should not get an increase, but what I am seeing, minimum wage covers 2% of workers, and historically, it is 7% to 9%, and what I have said, and I have argued it in Congress, keep it in 7% range."

TODD: "And whatever the number is"

SANTORUM: "And whatever the number to get you to 7%, and if it falls back, look for the situation in an economic crisis, you may not want to raise it, and if it is better, then maybe you do, but don't make the argument that we are for the blue collar guy, but against any minimum wage increase ever. It makes no sense." [MSNBC Daily Rundown, 5/5/14]