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Seniors Beware, Republicans Commit to "More Bold" Plan To Dismantle Medicare...

Mar 5, 2012

Seniors Beware, Republicans Commit to "More Bold" Plan To Dismantle Medicare...

This year's top Republican priority could be to dismantle Medicare even more dramatically than proposed in last year's Republican budget. Last week, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan not only reaffirmed his commitment to "absolutely" stick with the Republican plan to dismantle Medicare, but Bloomberg's Peter Cook reports he promised to move a budget "more bold" than last year.

How can Chairman Ryan get "more bold" than his plan to end Medicare as we know it? 

  • Will Chairman Ryan and House Republicans borrow from their GOP Senate colleagues and propose to dismantle Medicare in only four years, as opposed to ten in the original plan?
  • Will the new, "bold" Republican budget force typical 65-year-old Medicare beneficiaries out-of-pocket expenses to increase by more than $6,359 for health care?
  • By turning Medicaid into a block grant program, could the new Republican plan cost America more than the two million private-sector jobs over two years projected under last year's budget?

And what could be "more bold" than Chairman Ryan's commitment to "absolutely" stick to last year's plan to end Medicare, only hours after new polling data was released indicating that the public still rejects Republicans ideas on Medicare?  A new Kaiser poll finds that 70 percent of Americans reject the Republican proposals and want to keep Medicare as it is.

When one Republican strategist was asked why the GOP is preparing to go ahead with an extreme plan to dismantle Medicare, he responded, "It may be hard to understand why someone would try to jump off a cliff... unless you understand that they are being chased by a tiger, and that tiger is the Tea Party."